McNeill and Friends Podcast Description

The McNeill & Friends Podcast is a weekly show hosted by McNeill Mullikin. This podcast is about all topics relating to cinema. McNeill is a massive, lifelong movie buff who loves discussing film related topics with others and creating interesting and engaging dialogues with his guests.

McNeill Mullikin Biography

McNeill Mullikin began watching lots of movies at a young age. This is when he discovered action, science fiction, and comic book movies. At the same time, he became a Star Wars fan. When he was a junior in high school he watched Inception, and it opened his mind to all types of movies. This was the movie that inspired him to become a true movie-buff. Since then, he has been watching movies from all genres and all decades. McNeill understands that movies can bring people together through conversation, and he enjoys hearing others’ opinions and sharing his own. McNeill decided to launch the McNeill & Friends Podcast to have conversations with others and bring people together with the common interest in movies and discussing film.